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Looks like Premier League close to approving Saudi takeover of Newcastle. Money always wins. Always.

This is so close to home...

What can we do about this, let alone Hajj?

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Funny I was discussing this last night and a friend of mine is of the same opnion.

Its' a really tough one and I get the sentiment but remember that Hajj is an act of Ibadah and we go with that intention.

Can we do more beyond that? Yes we can, perhaps we lobby Muslim governments to lead on this …

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Hajj funding

Na'eem Raza - 5 months, 1 week ago


Hajj sadly has increased in cost over the years based on exchange rates, flights, hotels and Saudi infrastructure.

Remember Hajj is ultimately an invitation from Allah and the cost is neither here nor there?

If you are meant to perform Hajj, you will.

There are so many challenges out there...

Usual ones like running, cycling, tough mudder, climbs and treks.

All tried and tested.

Once in a blue you can hit on a viral idea like the ice bucket challenge...

I was at University and took on a part time job in a nightclub, got embroilled in the scene and the assocaited vices, failed at university, left home and just gave up on Islam and went down a hole.

One of my uncles died during that period and i saw the body in the morque, being pulled out of the f…

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Do you have advice for making the most out of Hajj?

Na'eem Raza - 5 months, 1 week ago

Make sincere intention.

Pick the right tour operator, do some research, speak to others...

I've been with for last 21 years a group leader.

Also attend any seminars by the tour operator, don't read too much on Hajj as things become impractical on the ground however a good tour oper…

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