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Working for a think tank focussing on technology policy in DC. Moved from London in March 2020.

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I think I would probably say the working world is really not so bad. I remember being so concerned that careers would be a ball and chain that made adulthood drag on and on. Especially that they were seemingly forever! How would I become one of those few people who actually enjoy what they do? Woul…

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This a complex one to answer. 

I came here in March, just before people no longer could because of COVID-19, and moving into a new job, in a new city, in a new country during a pandemic and huge social unrest has been a truly wild ride. Community is incredibly valuable in such times but when …

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How did you approach your career switch?

Hodan O - 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Salam! Thanks for the question.

I knew it was time to move when I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. I wasn't ever uncomfortable about any part of my daily job which at some point I realised meant I was no longer learning or growing in the way I wanted to.

I should stress, it's not like there isn'…

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tips and advice for moving to america?

Hodan O - 4 months, 2 weeks ago

I could still use these myself! Locals always know best, so if you have any distant connection who lives in an city or area you are considering moving to, ask them everything. Google will never give you local knowledge that is usually vital. 

Also, write down everything you need and want firs…

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Hi, I haven't been to either of those cities yet but I hear great things! Moving to the USA is a twofer: you need to get a job and you need to get a visa. There are obstacles to both. 

First, when  applying for jobs you need to look for those that need 'highly skilled workers' as the rat…

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A good question! I think most technologies by nature tend to outpace regulation, which is often slow moving. But the approach to AI policy really depends on the social, economic and political goals of a given nation or region. Europe, for example, I think has a more precautionary attitude to AI whi…

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Not at all. I think it depends on the region of policymaking you are looking to inform. For example, if you're interested in having an impact on UK policy, perhaps London is the place to be. Or if you are interested in Europe perhaps Brussels, but if you are interested in U.S. policy then yes, ther…

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