Hafsa Ahmed

Hi! I'm a junior doctor living in London training to become a GP. My interests include medical education, maternal and global health.

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  • Working as a junior doctor in the NHS
  • GP training
  • being an international medical graduate and transitioning to the NHS

The stress. Especially in the NHS. Practicing medicine is already a huge responsibility in itself - you literally have someone's life in your hands. That's stress enough as it is and sometimes keeps me up at night. The NHS is going through a lot of strain with low levels of staffing and resources. …

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Kinda, sorta? I've decided to train as a GP and this is my first year of doing so - it's a 3 year programme. One thing, I make it a point to not restrict myself. If I find that if I am leaning more towards another specialty, I take the time to look into it, get some experience, possibly a taster we…

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I few reasons really.

The UK is one of the few countries where as an IMG, you really can apply to any specialty and have a real chance. One of the major issues when applying for training in places like Canada or the US is that your options are usually limited and your application is reviewed after…

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Another Canadian IMG! Love it! 

So as a European student, you might be able to apply now as a final year student (deadline is coming up soon!) You might even be exempt from the PLAB exams depending on where in Europe you studied. It is a bit of a hassle but it is no where near as long or hard…

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GP is one of the easiest specialties to get into. You really do not have to do much as a medical student. Just pay attention to your GP placement. The application is very straightforward and the interview process itself is basically an OSCE which you can prep for once you are an FY2. The Only thing…

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how was the process sof transitioning as IMG

Hafsa Ahmed - 3 months, 1 week ago

Hi! So I didn't have any experience in the UK before I got my first job. It's doable but there is a bit of a learning curve. It took me some time to figure out things specific to the UK healthcare system - for instance, all the different community services, terminology like package of care, residen…

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Hi sis!

It's kind of crazy that we often have to make such huge decisions at such a young age but there are things we can do to help.

One thing I'd recommend is taking the time to properly research and get some experiences in both fields. What is it about them that you like? What are you not a fa…

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