Baar Hersi
Associate Senior Leader at an inner London secondary school.

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Somali Black Muslim East African


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  • Progression into leadership
  • Balancing motherhood & work
  • Impact of representation

How did you get to SLT

Baar Hersi - 1 week, 5 days ago

I was a middle leader for 5 years as a HOY and a HOD. This gave me experience in both curriculum and pastoral. I have also completed aspiring to SLT courses to help prepare for interviews and applications process. 

Good question..... I am Superwoman!  

Just kidding, I am a strong woman but I don’t prescribe to this unhealthy ideal that our society has pushed on women.


I believe one of the key reasons I am able to balance motherhood with full time work so well is because Allah sent m…

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The biggest challenge after having my kids was finding my new purpose.

I wrote a blog about this. Motherhood changed me, after taking a five years career to look after my two eldest - this was due to high childcare costs- I no longer wanted to work in the industry I was in prior to having my chil…

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I don’t think you can convince him and I know you may not like hearing this. 

What you can do is keep talking to him, continue guiding him and may be signpost/introduce him to platform where he can access more varied views and experiences about studying at Oxford.

It is human nature to…

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There are a lot of factors which enable a young person to flourish academically.

This includes both the school and home environment as well as the child him or herself.
Having said that, the attributes they have most in common and that I notice in the young people that  are very academic is …

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Life after having kids is still life that must be lived to the fullest.


Is life different after having kids? Yes! But this does not or should not mean the end of your dreams and aspirations. There can be a period where you feel lost, however I am adamant that as women we should choose &nb…

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If by split the roles you mean sharing the load, then YES,  it's important to split the roles in the household between the husband, wife and children. 

Each person must contribute to the running of the household especially as the children get older. 


For as long as I can re…

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