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If you mean studying at medical school, then succesfully getting that medical degree becomes your sole target for the 5 or 6 years you are at university. Wherever they are medical students spend countless hours revising, planning and preparing for lectures, exams and courses. 

If you mean the…

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find out what is possible at your university in terms of switching during the course- this is not possible everywhere. Speak to others who have been in your shoes. Think about graduate entry medicine- but if that becomes your path make sure to get the best biomed degree you can. 

email as many hospital and general practice doctors in your area as possible. This is really the only tried and tested way to secure some work experience. Make sure to send a nice email which will leave an impression- otherwise it will be ignored. 

Cardiology offered me a bit of everything i wanted in a specialty. You look after both real life threatening emergencies (on a regular basis!) and long term conditions, you can be very hands on (e.g. putting pacemakers and stents into people having heart attacks) but also take a backseat (e.g. repo…

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I think generally speaking like in any other career you need to be driven (be able to motivate yourself), resilient (there will be challenges and obstacles), and you must have a passion for the profession. A real physician is also someone who has compassion for others (you must be someone who genui…

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It has been an unforgettable experience. Of course none of us have been through something like this. The number of very sick patients have been overwhelming and we've seen how the NHS works change in a myriad of ways- some of these changes will be permanent as will the scars the pandemic will leave…

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