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I'm sorry to hear that. The best thing to do for them is to contact their local council - they're likely to have more luck by going to the office rather than using the council's website, since those can be a little cluttered and confusing. They will have to explain their situation to the council an…

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Simple; money. I started off thinking I wanted to be an Architect, and began an undergraduate in Architecture which I left after around 5 months. It was too subjective for me, and I didn't think my creative ideas were aligned with my various tutors. Plus, the recession hit Architects quite badly. I…

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I believe so, yes, or atleast that's how it used to be. That is how we moved into my council estate back in 97/98; we swapped houses with a random family. I have no idea how that was organised though.

Yes, the work of an Actuary is increasingly reliant on Data Science skills such as programming and building machine learning algorithms. Hence many Actuaries are transitioning into other industries where they can transfer those skills. Interpersonal skills are also hugely beneficial since we need t…

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When it comes to software skills, I found that having real life use cases are the most helpful for me in learning how to use the program. Personally I don't find online tutorials as helpful as having to put those skills to practice. If you have an analytical job that uses a lot of Excel, it is pret…

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To be honest, I'm not much of a poem reader! (Very bad, I know). I tend to gravitate more towards spoken word when it comes to poetry; some of my earliest influences in that genre are the Def Jam poets such as Amir Sulaiman and Liza Garza. Also, studying A Thousand Splendid Suns for my A-Levels def…

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For as far as I can remember I took an interest in art, especially drawing. My older brothers used to like drawing footballers and wrestlers so naturally I wanted to get involved too. Also, my mum used to sit with me and encourage me to draw, having me copy things she would make herself. In terms o…

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Is it worth doing a Masters in Computer Science?

Ibs - 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Definitely, also look into MSc Data Science courses. Two of my colleagues took this course whilst working, that's also an option if a company has a good study support package. Either way both of these courses will up-skill you in ways that nearly all employers have started to highly value

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