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Ooh good question! Somalis in the diaspora have widely different goals and opinions about this so it's hard for me to say anything that doesn't sound like I'm speaking for them so the goal has to be individualised at the end of the day. Overall, I think that we should find a balance between truly m…

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Somewhere between all the angst and frustration is the real you, the writer you, the one that has something to say and goddamnit they will listen. That's the person you're writing for. Once you go into with that energy you will succeed inshallah

Well, technically every voice that hasn't yet been given the power and platform is unheard but truly in Somalia and in the West I would say the voice of women, the voice of young people, the voice of those Somalis who have been marginalised for decades for no better reason than ignorance and sheer …

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Honestly, that you're gonna have a much harder time to get published if you are not White, if you don't have 40k followers online and if you're not male. But reflectively, maybe I wish that I wasn't told that because it would have put me off and instead it's better to go into things hopeful - the r…

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How do you set aside time for writing in the week?

Hanna Ali - 4 days, 22 hours ago

The best thing a writer can do is simply write - some days it will be golden and other days it will be horrible but the act of forcing yourself to sit down and type something, anything, for 20 minutes a day is a great practise. Sometimes (most times) you have to force yourself to be great until you…

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This is a big question...the first and bigges thing we must do is believe Somali women. It may sound simplistic but it is so important to believe women when they tell you what they have or are going through. The second thing we must do as a community is talk about the taboo topic of sexual abuse, r…

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I think that the Somali arts/culture scene in the diaspora is quite welcoming, although we as a community still have a long way to go in truly embracing diversity in a safe space. At Kayd, I try hard to contiously push the boundaries of the norm whilst also respecting the traditional aspects of our…

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