What’s the best advice somebody has given you?

Asked by Mags Chilaev - 3 weeks ago

1 Answer

Junaid Ashraf - 2 weeks ago

My dad has always told me to be a 'leader'. I didn't really know what it meant, and further to that I didn't think I agreed with it either. 

I had the understanding that if there is someone else better to lead, isn't it better to follow them if they have more knowledge/understanding of issues we may be facing as a group than I do?

But that isn't what he meant at all. Over time I have learnt he has meant to always use your head to analyse situations from my own perspective. If there are jobs to be done, then to take the initiative to lead on those roles. Decide for yourself who I should look up to.

By always being a leader, he didn't mean always try to be in the driving seat and be a dictator. He means don't be a sheep and blindly follow others. And that's an importand lesson I believe many people should reflect on. 

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