What's it like studying maths at uni?

Asked by Anonymous - 1 month ago

Do you get set a lot of work? Does it get stressful with deadlines and stuff? I really hate writing essays and I'm quite good at maths so I'm exploring it as a potential option for uni

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Maleeha Khawaja - 1 month ago

Thanks for your question!

I think the experience will vary between different universities, I will try to summarise mine!

I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Warwick. There were multiple 'problem sheets' that needed to be submitted weekly for each module, these accounted for ~ 15% of the final module mark. We had supervisions (with a 4th year/PhD student) in 1st and 2nd year to support us academically. There were no January exams - all exams were sat between April and June. Whilst it was academically rigorous, I think I developed a good mathematical base as well as a good sense of discipline - many of my friends felt the same way after graduation.

I did my MSc at the University of Nottingham. Comparatively, there were less deadlines here. For some modules, there was only one 'problem sheet' deadline. For most, the 'problem sheets' were optional. There were exams in January and terms were also longer.

I think it's important to know two things before applying: what you are seeking from the degree; what the course structure of your ideal university is. For example, some of my friends chose to do Maths as it is a gateway into Finance/other things. I chose to do it because I enjoyed Maths! I think both are valid reasons but it's important to know why you want to do it! 

It might be useful to attend online/in-person open days so you can ask tutors/students any specific questions about the course/university. It's definitely helpful to do as much research as you can! 

I hope this helps, feel free to ask more questions if needed. Good luck!

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