What teaching methods work for teaching maths at 13+?

Asked by anon (Algeria) - 1 month ago

hey - I have a little brother who's in year 8 and he really struggles with maths. he's above average in all of his other subjects so i'm starting to think the problem might be with his teacher or the way the subject is taught in his school. I was wondering if you could recommend any exercise books or teaching methods for improving his confidence and just understanding the basic topics? thanks!!

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Maleeha Khawaja - 1 month ago

Hey, thanks for your question! 

There are some really cool online resources (e.g. Khan Academy, Brilliant, Nrich) that you/he could have a look at. Whilst I haven't used them myself, it looks like they stray away from the style of traditional textbook questions and encourage interactive learning.

I have a little sister of a similar age. I find that gently encouraging her to persevere and try different methods really helps with her morale.

Hope this helps :)

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