What role can Somali Medical Professionals in the UK play in helping the health sector in Somalia.

Asked by Anonymous - 3 weeks ago

I think my question is pretty self explanatory. Thank you for your time.

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Samira Hassan - 3 weeks ago


An important question and one that requires a cross-collaborative approach between healthcare professionals. It can feel like a monumental endeavour but my advice to any medical professional would be to contact somali healthcare professionals on the ground and hospitals to find out their current need for service provision, training and resources needs. The needs and therefore the roles are many. Across all healthcare disciplines. 

There are currently a group of diaspora doctors who are working with doctors in Somali who are dealing with covid19 to support with training, procurement of supplies for PPE, testing kits, etc. I know of other groups supporting doctors in different regions of the north and south as well. 

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