What grades do you need to get to into a highly selective university?

Asked by Anonymous - 5 months ago

I mean in both GCSE and A level. Also, if you are struggling to get the required grades in science, what can you do to change that? Can you give advice on the study methods you used to secure the best possible grades?

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Samira Hassan - 5 months ago

The entry requirements is slightly different for each university. However they all require high grades of As, A*s mostly in both GCSEs and A-levels. Some universities have strict requirements and some may call you for interview even if you have just missed the required grades as long as you have demonstrated high educational achievement, good work experience and a great personal statemeent. 

If your grades are excellent but not in the right Alevel subjects - some universities will offer Foundation year (as a top up for basic sciences) followed by entry to year 1 medical school automatically. However if you had missed out on grades significantly in both gcses / A-levels - you still have the option of doing a science degree then doing graduate entry medicine.  Alternatively you could try your luck in pursuing medicine in places like Romania, Bulgaria, Czech, etc as many others have done.

Fun fact - I did not have the A-levels grades required when I applied as I had just missed out with a B grade in one of them. Alhamdulilah I was offered an interview and was subsequently made an offer. 

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