What don’t enough people know about Pakistan?

Asked by Mags Chilaev - 4 weeks ago

1 Answer

Junaid Ashraf - 4 weeks ago

This is an interesting question and it stems from a lack of structured education in my eyes - we're not taught anything about our roots in a clear manner growing up like some of as may have had for Urdu school. We didn't have a school to teach us of our cultural heritage and roots besides what we were able to see from our parents/older family memebers.

Also, a lot of trauma from the British Raj and partition. Many from the Pakistani/Indian diaspora are unaware of the actions of the British for 200 years and further than that may view many aspects of 'back home' as backwards due to substantial western influences from literally living here and movies/social media etc. Many of our grandparents/great grandparents lived through those harsh times and more than likely won't speak of it often.

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