What do you think of the view that we should avoid Hajj and Umrah until the war in Yemen is over?

Asked by Anonymous - 5 months ago

This money is going towards bankrolling the Saudi war against Yemen and maybe we shouldn't contribute towards it

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Na'eem Raza - 5 months ago

Looks like Premier League close to approving Saudi takeover of Newcastle. Money always wins. Always.

This is so close to home...

What can we do about this, let alone Hajj?

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Na'eem Raza - 5 months ago

Funny I was discussing this last night and a friend of mine is of the same opnion.

Its' a really tough one and I get the sentiment but remember that Hajj is an act of Ibadah and we go with that intention.

Can we do more beyond that? Yes we can, perhaps we lobby Muslim governments to lead on this and force the Hajj issue, this is possible but will need a strong lobby.

There are many issues with Saudi and other governments regards not just Yemen, Iraq, Human Rights, Despots, etc. It's not always clear as to whose pullng the strings...

There are so many issues, where do you start and stop...

I think ensure to do your bit, galvanise support, but remember the powers that be are unkown sometimes...

South Africa is a great example of movements that have been succesful.

Remember many governments are engaged in Yemen from Iran to Saudi and backed by Western Powers...

Not to get into a politcal debate but Hajj will be a tough one to concieve for many...

Do we stop paying Zakat in the absence of a khalifa?

Do we stop praying in the absence of a mosque or prayer mat or there is no Imam?

I agree Yemen is a sad situation for us all.

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