What do you think about the report that BAME people experience institutional racism in healthcare?

Asked by Anonymous - 3 weeks ago

Salam sis, I don't know if you saw the article last week about BAME people being routinely overlooked for promotion and experiencing racism working in healthcare, but I was wondering if that was something that you saw and you could relate to your experience? How should you navigate those situations as a person of colour given it's so hard to prove that you're really being discriminated against?

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Samira Hassan - 2 weeks ago

Walykumu salaam sis

Yes I have read that article and tbh it is experienced shared by many of my colleagues and one that BMA and other representative organisations have brought forward many times before. Personally, I have not experienced this sort of discrimination / racism in my career and I may have been lucky. However I do have colleagues who have complained about this. 

As a POC, it is important to not just accept the status quo as many other have done in the past. Ensure you take this up with your senior(s) or management team, expressing your concerns in writing and having a paper trail is useful. You may not get physical evidence for everything but clearly documenting your concerns, maybe getting statements from witnessing colleagues, and the paper trail that you took this further gives you much credibility.

There are different levels of management you can escalate this to, starting from your direct managers / consultants to CEO of your NHS trust, Health Education England, NHS England, etc.  There are also dedicated groups commissioned to look into this work and contacting them for support would be useful. Getting the right representation from your indemnity provider and/or local representative body will also give this the attention it deserves. I think in this current climate, our voice is getting louder and more people are paying attention - use it. 

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