What do you owe your parents?

Asked by Mags Chilaev - 4 weeks ago

1 Answer

Junaid Ashraf - 4 weeks ago

Everything I am today is from their support.

For every mile I travelled to a meeting, my mum travelled two miles having to drop me off and go home alone. She had to wake up at 2/3/4am sometimes to drop me off to the airport for cheap flights to attend conferences I wanted to go to.

My dad used to finish off 10+ hour shifts at the shop and then take me straight to meetings when I was younger, having not eaten dinner yet. He would sleep in the car (as the meetings sometimes weren't that long but were far away from home) and wait for me to finish, then take me home.

Make no mistake that you are completely and utterly truly blessed with the world and more if you have two kind, caring parents and nothing more.

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