What are the first steps and struggles to build a community around a purpose (Coding))

Asked by Anonymous - 3 months ago

How to create a community around coding for teenagers. What are the steps to motivate them to participate and be part of community. Specifically in today's situation of coronavirus lockdown.

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Arfah Farooq - 3 months ago


The key steps I would say are:

- The community starts with just two people. Are there two teenagers that want to work together on a coding project? Great, get them together to start working on something

- Create a space for them to chat. This could be whatsapp or slack.

- Empower the people in the community to invite others like their friends. This is key. You want them to think it's their thing and they shape it and come up with the ideas and it's not a programme for them

- Motivate them and make them realise working in a community and building it are all good skills they can put in their CV

- In lockdown things are hard to do but its possible thru video chat etc. Main thing is to find a project and start working on it, this could just be modules on codeacademy and the community motivates each other. Break it down into goals etc. As well as Muslamic Makers, check out Deen Developers. 


Happy to chat further on this. Feel free to contact me via Twitter: Arf_22

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