What advice do you have for somebody who is thinking of converting but is worried about how it will affect his relationship with his family?

Asked by Anonymous - 2 months ago

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Asadullah Ali - 2 months ago


As a convert myself, I too worried about how it would affect my family. Even when I was first discussing Islam with them, they were concerned with me becoming a Muslim and demanded that I not even entertain the thought. However, truth always triumphs and one cannot compromise on it, becuase it will eventually tear you apart and make you lead the life of a lie. As such, the individual in question will be forced to turn to the truth no matter what -- because their heart and mind will eventually overpower them towards it. 

That said, we must also consider how things will affect our families, so be cautious about how you come out to them and have mercy on their condition. It will take time for them to adjust, but insh'Allah eventually they will come around and be okay with your decision. The best way to change their hearts is to set a good example as a Muslim and not to fight them harshly. Overtime, hopefully Allah will make their hearts soften and grant you peace.

For some practical advice, just practice first. Don't announce your faith to them unless they asks. Just be a Muslim first and let them find out naturally. If you fear abuse or torment, it is permissible for you to hide your faith from them as long as you find ways to practice away from their sight/hearing for some time till you feel safe or unable to hide it any longer. However, eventually they fill find out, so you will need to prepare for that somehow. If you fear for their own safety by the community, you need to take the same advice and make sure you do not allow others to find out to a point where they would harm your family. 

This is all difficult and easier said than done, but to live a life of truth, we must be tested and endure struggle for our beliefs to be valued in the sight of Allah. 

May He grant you peace, comfort, and strength. 

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