What extracurricular activities would you recommend to showcase the typical interview characteristics med schools ask for e.g. leadership/resilience?

Asked by Anonymous - 2 months ago

I've currently volunteered as a peer for younger students in my uni and have lead hikes with the Islamic society.

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Samira Hassan - 2 months ago

Personally, I talked about my voluntary experience as a teaching assistant for a child with learning needs, my role as a tutor in our local somali literacy & numeracy campaign group, my work in Somalia supporting local nurses and health care assistants in administering care (v. basic)

outside of medicine - I talked about my language skills (speak 4 languages) my interests in basketball (used to play) and work supporting my local somali community 

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Samira Hassan - 2 months ago

It's been a over a decade since I lst applied for medical school. A lot has changed since then. Howversome things remain the same. The most important characteristic is a keenness to pursue medicine despite its challenges which you have to demonstrate. Your why has to stand out.

You also have to demonstrate initiative- leadership skills- eg. Leadership positions in school or in your local mosque/ communu/ sports teams, etc. It's not about the weight of the title but how best you are able to demonstrate what skills you developed and the merits of your experience to your future medical career. You also have to show that you are a well-rounded person. Who has other interests : skills outside of medicine / academia. 

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