How can students make the most out of clinical placements in med school?

Asked by Anonymous - 2 months ago

Is it worrying if I’m not entirely sure what I want to specialise when the time comes?

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Samira Hassan - 2 months ago

Clinical placements in med school are the best places to really practice the theory and clinical skills you are taught. I would certainly encourage you to make the most of every opportunity to practice your history taking skills, practical procedure skills as well as clinical decision-making process. This is your opportunity to make all the mistakes you want and hone your skills. The sooner it becomes 2nd nature the easier your experience in medicine becomes. 

Also it gives you the opportunity to figure out which speciality interests you. If consultants feel you are keen, they may offer you to take part in audits and research opportunities that boost your CV for future specaility interviews, etc. 

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