Is there anything that the most academic children in school have in common?

Asked by Anonymous - 4 days ago

1 Answer

Baar Hersi - 4 days ago

There are a lot of factors which enable a young person to flourish academically.

This includes both the school and home environment as well as the child him or herself.
Having said that, the attributes they have most in common and that I notice in the young people that  are very academic is their work ethic and independence.

In my opinion, these students have an intrinsic motivation to succeed, they challenge themselves to excel and they tend to be independent learners. 

However these students were not born like this. The above attributes and values were taught. 

So we must create environments, both at home and in schools, that is conducive to our children being intellectually curious, tenacious and have the determination to succeed academically. 

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