Is scottish-asian identity different to english-asian?

Asked by Anonymous - 3 weeks ago

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Junaid Ashraf - 3 weeks ago


There was some research conducted on this a few years ago to prove it, however I will answer this from a personal perspective.

As a Scots-Pakistani, I do not feel uneasy in my identity. Much of this has been centred around a welcoming 'civic nationalism' narrative that is very much engrained in Scottish society (especially Glasgow) that sees anyone who wishes to make Scotland their home an automatic honorary 'new Scot'.

Because of this acceptance, white Scottish individuals do not feel threatened by those of a different skin tone referring to themselves as citizens of our country compared to some of our English neighbours who are proudly 'patriotic' but make those who do not look like them feel unwelcome. 

However, if you are proudly British-Asian or English-Asian that is great but I do believe that many Scots-Asians would not feel comfortable identifying as British-Asian and if they moved to England would more than likely, in my opinion, hold onto their Scottish roots/identity.

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