Is it hard to juggle a career in medicine as a woman with a successful family life?

Asked by Anonymous - 3 weeks ago

It seems like you need to put so much work into getting a degree in medicine and of course when you finally get it, you should try to work hard and make the most of it. But what happens if you want to have a baby and start a family? Do you need to give up your career completely or do you think it's possible to have a healthy balance between family life and medicine? Jzk khair

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Samira Hassan - 2 weeks ago

I am firmly of the belief that you could attain a healthy balance between your work as doctor and family life, hobbies, passions etc. To be honest this fear was one of the main factors that made me decline my original offer to study medicine. From the outset it appears nearly impossible. 

Studying medicine is not easy but requires great time management skills and its certainly doable. A lot of doctors start having their families after graduation and there are a lot of provisions in place to avoid disadvantaging motherhood such as - Less than full time training, Job shares, etc. Due to the demand for doctors most deaneries and trusts will support a career break / part time training as is required by the doctor. Different specialty fields vary in their flexibility but there are now more female surgeons, etc who are also balancing their careers and families succesfully. 

You will find plenty of female muslim doctors who are mothers, business owners, lecturers, etc in Medicine. Ofcourse it is a challenge but many have been able to thrive and you will find no shortage of colleagues who are doing this.

In short, You do NOT have to choose between Medicine and having a family

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