Is it emotionally difficult to work in palliative care? How are you able to avoid taking work home with you?

Asked by Anonymous - 2 months ago

1 Answer

Samira Hassan - 2 months ago

Good question

To be honest, Palliative care is one of my specialist interests and I happen to be the palliative care lead for my practice. Not because it isn't emotionally taxing, but it genuinely gives me the most job satisfaction. 

Reason is because I feel I can make a significant difference to the last few weeks, days or hours of someone's life by managing their symptoms and supoorting them from psychological (even spiritual) aspects to offer them the best quality of life and a death in the circumstances they wish for. 

yes initially it was hard to shake off some of my emotions after work. But you develop a resilience and a deeper understanding of your own triggers in this process hence are better able to manage them. It does no longer affect me after work as I work through my thoughts but talking to colleagues or getting the support I need when needed. 

hope this helps

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