Is it better to study maths alongside another subject if you don't want to go into academia?

Asked by anon (Male, 22, Algeria) - 4 months ago

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Maleeha Khawaja - 4 months ago

Thanks for your question! 

Very few people who do Maths at undergraduate level go into academia.

To give you a little bit of context, I did my BSc Maths degree at the University of Warwick. Some of my friends, on the same course, chose to do it as a gateway into Banking/Finance. Most of these people did spring/summer internships at various places and found this to be very helpful when applying for jobs for after graduation. Also, the Warwick degree is flexible in that you are allowed (up to a certain extent) to take modules from other departments. I took a few modules from the Business School and Languages department. This gives you the option to explore other subjects whilst graduating with a Maths degree. 

More generally, in my opinion, I don't think studying maths would disadvantage you in applying for jobs outside of academia. I think recruiters generally value the skills a maths degree will equip you with e.g. problem solving, perseverance, good time-management etc. What they are looking for is whether you are really interested in that job. Internships, societies, other skills/courses are examples of how you can demonstrate that.

If there is a specific field that you want to go into then it may be worth contacting a recruiter to ask if there is a specific degree that they look for.

Hope this helps!

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