If you want to work in policy making do you think it's important to move to Washington?

Asked by Anonymous - 3 months ago

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Hodan O - 3 months ago

Not at all. I think it depends on the region of policymaking you are looking to inform. For example, if you're interested in having an impact on UK policy, perhaps London is the place to be. Or if you are interested in Europe perhaps Brussels, but if you are interested in U.S. policy then yes, there are definitely benefits to being based in DC.

It gives you access to engage with policymakers in person, attend events, and network with think tanks and other stakeholders working in this space which I think are important to making an impact. Also, since it's where most everyone else is, it gives you the greatest chance of tapping these people for their knowledge, in formal and informal settings. 

It's certainly not the be all and end all though. I have colleagues based out of DC, who travel when they need to and get to enjoy the perks of not being based in the city. Policymakers wherever you go are concentrated in certain hubs (usually the capitals) and whilst that has its pros and cons it doesn't necessarily count you out if you don't live or move to one. 

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