I want to get into investment banking but I haven't done any internships. What can I do?

Asked by Male, 29 - 9 months ago

For some context, I am a third year student, and I haven't done any internships whatsoever. I've just been so focused on my degree that I forgot that I needed to apply for internships. Is it too late? Given that the industry is really competitive as is.

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Mags Chilaev - 9 months ago

If you're currently in 3rd year, you can still apply for the next summer's batch! In fact I'd say most people apply in 3rd year when they get a bit more serious about their career and figure out what they want to after uni, so you're definitely not at a disadvantage there. The one thing I'd say is that most of these applications opened over the summer and a lot will be closing in the next couple of weeks, so you should get a move-on (candidates are offered places on a rolling basis, so the earlier you apply the better). Preparing a good application takes more than a few weeks FYI because there are a lot of applications you have to fill in and tests you need to do. As a rule of thumb, if you do 50 applications you'd be lucky to be invited for 20 tests and maybe 4-5 in-person interviews. In summary - you're not too late to apply cos you're in 3rd year right now. Even if you don't get an internship this time round, you could still apply for an off-season internship which would start in the winter after you've graduated. I also think those are less competitive to get in to. DM me on LinkedIn if you want more prep advice :)

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