I don't trust the governments health advice anymore. Are there good sources you can point us to?

Asked by Anonymous - 1 week ago

Every week the government changes what it's saying about how to behave and protect yourself from the virus. For example, at the beginning they were saying that you don't need to wear a mask. Now it's required for getting on public transport. Before they were saying you need to keep 2m minimum from people. Now they're saying it's not important. How do you decide who to listen to and what rules to follow?!

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Samira Hassan - 1 week ago

I dont blame you. As healthcare professionals, some of the messages have been confusing and difficult to put into practice at times. However, it's worth noting that this is an unprecedented pandemic and I suspect that with the research and public health research going into this, new guidelines and advice is drafted up based on emerging evidence. As doctors, we follow the advice from Public Health England and are duty-bound to pass this on to our patients too. 

It is also worth noting that the social distancing / lockdown measures are not indefinite and will be eased gradually based on scientific advice and number of new cases and deaths. I agree though, the government could have done a better job at providing clear messages and reasoning behind it - but the advice is bound to change as time goes on. 

My advice is that it's best to tread with caution, follow sensible precautionary guidance.

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