how was the process sof transitioning as IMG

Asked by Anonymous - 1 month ago

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Hafsa Ahmed - 4 weeks ago

Hi! So I didn't have any experience in the UK before I got my first job. It's doable but there is a bit of a learning curve. It took me some time to figure out things specific to the UK healthcare system - for instance, all the different community services, terminology like package of care, residential vs nursing homes, etc. Even things like the pronounciation of certain medications and conditions - enCephalopathy and Ceftriaxone with the hard Cs lol. Those are basic things that you can figure out on your own which UK graduates often learn during their clinical years as students. What I really had difficulty with were the educational and training systems here. If you take on a non-training job, you are often left to fend for yourself. The role you have is mainly for service provision. You need to find and chase after supervisors, set up your portfolio, arrange time for teaching sessions, negotiate clinic time, etc. The problem is that if you don't already have an idea of this, you waste precious time at the start of your first job learning. This is time you could have spent preparing applications for training or new jobs, attending conferences, etc., 

If you are an IMG, I'd recommend getting intouch with other IMGs who have already started work in the UK to get an idea of what you might need to look out for. Feel free to DM me on twitter if you have any specific questions (@ahdhafsa). I am also organizing a course tomorrow with the British Somali Medical Association that might be of benefit. It's our International Medical Graduates Course to help IMGs and students navigate a successful career in the NHS.

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