how was it living in Somaliland?

Asked by anon (Male, 19) - 2 months ago

how long did you live there and could you imagine settling for good?

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Hibaq Farah - 2 months ago

Honestly, the best time of my life! I was there for about 6 months and stayed in Hargeisa. If I didn’t have to finish the rest of my degree, I would’ve stayed longer. I loved everything about the city; the easy-going & welcoming people, the food, being around family, our culture, everything!!!

I was quite lucky in the sense that I have SO many family members living in Hargeisa. The year I decided to go, it just so happened that a bunch of my cousins from London and Canada were going too! It ended up being a massive link-up. But, if you don’t have family members there, generally, there is so much to do in the city (great cultural centre/ sick events etc) and it is very easy to make friends with the locals and with the visiting diaspora. I ABSOLUTELY can imagine myself settling there for good - it’s the long term plan inshaAllah! London is so bad vibes in comparison.

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