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Asked by Anonymous - 4 months ago

Hi Jaamac, Hope u and ur family are well and healthy in this difficult period. I understand you did a degree in languages then went into IT without prior experience. I would really like your advice. My cousin is 18yrs of age and wants to get into coding and eventually get a job as a software engineer. He doesnt want to take the university route, is a degree a must in this field can he do without? Are there any free coding courses he can take for now, how long does it take. Any tips where to begin this journey? And which coding programmes are recruiters currently keen on? Do you still run mentoring/support groups for people who are interested in IT. Also what is ur take on AWS cloud support practitioner jobs, he is thinking of going into that. Sorry I have bombarded you with a bunch of questions. We would be grateful for your input. Thanks. Nad

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Ar Jama - 4 months ago

Hi Anon! We are well, thank you! I did.

1. Can he do without a degree? Yes! Amina Aweis recently did a video (link here) on her journey of getting into tech without a degree! She's really goood! Her @ is yeahshewrites on Twitter.

2. Free coding courses, I always recommend FreeCodeCamp. It's incredible. I'd suggest starting with the Responsive Web Design Certification.

3. Do I still run mentoring?! Yes! Absolutely. Get your cousin to message me. We can arrange a Skype call, and I can answer all of his questions.

4. AWS support practitioners and other DevOps types can make a bunch of money. My only concern is that he might be specialising too soon. I think the start of your career should be all about doing more general stuff, figuring out what you like, etc. So maybe starting with a programming language, or a more general technology is best.

Thank you for the question! Get your cousin to message me!


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