How to get into a career in media?

Asked by Female, 23 - 6 months ago

I go to college and want to get into a career in the media. I'm studying english, history and media studies and ive done a few weeks work experience in journalism.

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Amal Barwani - 6 months ago

What did you think of your work experience? If you've decided that you want to become a journalist, the path is straight forward. You go to uni, study a humanities degree and try to get as much writing experience between now and when you graduate. That means writing for your local Guardian newspaper, student newspaper, blogging etc. Most of this writing you'll have to do for free and it takes a while before you can start getting paid (unless you land a full-time job). You should also go to lots of industry events so you can network with actual journalists and they can help your pitches get accepted. Word of warning though as a career journalism is really competitive and not very well-paid until you become an editor. Lots of people I know dabbled in writing at uni and I think maybe 5-10% of them are pursuing it as a full-time career

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