How long does it take after you have a kid to get back to a normal life?

Asked by Anonymous - 1 week ago

Or once you have a child, is it basically a wrap on your own your own dreams and aspirations?

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Baar Hersi - 1 week ago

Life after having kids is still life that must be lived to the fullest.


Is life different after having kids? Yes! But this does not or should not mean the end of your dreams and aspirations. There can be a period where you feel lost, however I am adamant that as women we should choose  what life after children looks like us.
Although these choices can be limited due to financial and life circumstances. One thing we must remember is that children are adaptable and fit into their parents’ lives not the other way around. 
Yes, as parents, we make adjustments and alter our priorities once we enter parenthood but that does not mean we  abandon our dreams. 

One of the best advice I could give to a new mum is to be kind to yourself and lean in on all your support systems whether that is your husband, your family or friends. Remember that asking for help does not mean your are weak or not coping, it takes strength to recognise that we need our loved ones's input to help us live the life we want.
I am not going to lie to you, motherhood is challenging and will include a lot juggling/multitasking but that is the role and it is very possible to be a mother and have a successful career. 

Also please remember that you can change your mind, and always do what is best for you and your family. Parenthood is the most challenging and rewarding role in the world. 


For me, motherhood fuels me to work harder, to do better so that I can be a great role model for our children. 

  • Also, it is crucial to remember that each family is different and our decisions must be based on what is best for us as parents and spouses as well as our children and family. 

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