How do you think we should deal with the problem of sexual abuse in the somali community?

Asked by anon (Male, 22, Algeria) - 4 months ago

For context: It spurred a lot of discussion on twitter and I was wondering if you had opinions on how we should be dealing with this issue in our community?

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Hanna Ali - 4 months ago

This is a big question...the first and bigges thing we must do is believe Somali women. It may sound simplistic but it is so important to believe women when they tell you what they have or are going through. The second thing we must do as a community is talk about the taboo topic of sexual abuse, rape, verbal and physical harassment because often times it comes from people we know, people in our lives, people we trust, people in authority of sorts and we can never get past this if we never talk about it openly and frankly. The notion of shame/ceeb and policing it alongside the sense of 'honour' etc is what holds up back from truly progressing as a society. We cannot claim to be a forward thinking people if we treat our women and girls as second-class citizens. The third thing we must do is encourage victims to speak out and take the matter to the authorities and speak out from every mountain top to make sure that these monsters hiding in plain sight don't get away with it.

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