How do you switch to a career in medicine if you've already done your undergrad in something else?

Asked by Anonymous - 1 week ago

When I was at college I had zero idea what I should study at university so I ended up picking the most broad and general subject (finance and economics). Anyway I graduated with a 2:1 and sort of just ended up doing marketing at different companies. This probably sounds mad random but I had the thought that actually becoming a doctor is probably the best profession you could possibly go into. You get to help people every day, you have a good salary, you learn new things constantly, you work with patients and I could go on. Maybe nothing will come of this but I was just wondering if I did want to go back into the education system what would I need to do to train to become a doctor? I'm 24. Did A levels in Econ, Geography and English (AAB). Any advice or thoughts would be really appreciated

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Samira Hassan - 1 week ago

It's worth examining your reasons and passion for pursuing medicine. For many of the reasons you had outlined above, I too agree it is one of the best professions to work in. The difficulty with Medicine mainly lies in entry into medical school to be honest. That is where the bottleneck lies. 

Your educational attainements are great, although it is not the traditional route, it will not necessary disadvantage you. I remember in medical school a sizeable proportion of my cohort were mature students, some with children, previous careers as an army soldier, pharmacist, teacher, etc. So it is certainly possible. However, if you seriously wish to consider embarking on this journey, I would advise you to contact the admissions offices of some medical schools in the UK and outline your educational attainment to date. They will be able to give you the best advice on what your entry requirments will be (likely different from what is in their prospectuses) and you can work towards that, do the tests like UKCAT, etc and apply competitively to medical school. There are also options to study abroad - Romania, Bulgaria, etc and come back to train in the UK

Your age or previous non-science background does not disqualify you from becoming a doctor. If you feel strongly about it, I would encourage you to pursue it. 

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