How do you make time for prayer as a G.P. in medicine.Especially when you’re busy with patients

Asked by Anonymous - 1 week ago

I have this preconceived notion that I won’t have a time and place to pray salat as a G.P.As a Muslim Salat is important to me.So, how does this work.Thanks you and May ALLAH shower you with blessings

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Samira Hassan - 1 week ago

Salah is extremely important for me too. You can certainly make time for it if you wish too throughout medical school and your career. However you have to accept that at times, you may not physically be able to pray them on time. eg: dealing with an emergency,  in the middle of surgery or a procedure, etc.  Ofcourse your intention matters above all else and this will facilitate your ability to perform your religious duties whilst being a doctor.

I find working as a GP has not hindered this ability at all. If anything, it is probably one of the best fields in being able to pray on time, etc.  As a GP you have your own room and you can take 5-10mins out of your busy surgery to perform your prayers in peace. Yes occassionally it may mean that my patients are delayed by a few mins but this is often not an issue. 

Jazakillah khair. May Allah swt elevate you in your deen and blessings in this life and aakhirah

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