How do you get into the work you do?

Asked by Anonymous - 6 months ago

Did you study history at university? And did you always know you wanted to do heritage / museum project

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Abira Hussein - 6 months ago

No I did not, infact what I studied was quite removed from what I am doing now, I am a scientist by training but I have always been fascinated by arts and its connection to science. I have been interested in understanding why Somali immigrants have poorer health outcomes, and research led by Professor Marmot explores the social determinants of health and of those is engaging with culture, particularly your own, being able to develop and share what makes you who you are, being seen.  I was also interested in how culture and engaging with the past helps communities that faced conflict or escaped civil war how that helps you to heal, recover and rebuild. This is also a personal journey having never been to Somalia, in way it was trying to understand myself, this heritage that I was part of but never quite fully understood. I fell into by accident, while I was at University, and raising my kids I was working part-time at a community arts organisation All Change, where I did my first heritage project and really fell in love with archives, and how having the perspective of history to inform and reflect with whats happening currently but in an artistic way was quite powerful. So various voluntary roles and then a traineeship enabled me to get more experience and do more of this work. It's a challenging field and I am doing my PhD now to help to get that training and time to explore the theory and history around my heritage practice. 

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