How do you balance being a mother with a full-time career?

Asked by Anonymous - 6 days ago

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Baar Hersi - 6 days ago

Good question..... I am Superwoman!  

Just kidding, I am a strong woman but I don’t prescribe to this unhealthy ideal that our society has pushed on women.


I believe one of the key reasons I am able to balance motherhood with full time work so well is because Allah sent me a spouse that understands and supports my dreams. Alhamdulilah, I am very grateful because I know this is not everyone’s reality.


Also I learnt to prioritise, schedule, plan and adapt well to ensure that I keep that healthy balance we all aspire to. But this is not always possible and that is okay!
There will be times that work must take a back seat and there will be times where the children will need to lean more on their father or their mother because of one of you might be going for a promotion. It is important to find that balance that works for you and your family. 


I will say this though, it takes two to make a baby, so husbands you must show up every day as you showed out for the conception. 


And I’ll finish with this.....


Sisters, we have been programmed to think that we don’t need help and that we can handle everything and we can, when we need to  -Ma Sha Allah, Somali women are the strongest women I know - but please lean on your men and if he is unavailable then lean on your other support systems because we cannot give from a empty vessel.


Self care is not selfish! 

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