How do I increase my chances of getting into a US university as a UK student?

Asked by Male, 16 - 2 weeks ago

I am currently in sixth form and I am looking to go to school in the US for uni, specifically University of California, Los Angeles. I want a better understanding of what I need to focus on and what to get in order for me to possibly have a high chance of getting in. I do not seem to understand the grades such as GPA and SATs.

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Ar Jama - 1 week ago

To answer your initial question:

1. Keep working hard at school. Your grades are important! 

2. Buy a SATs book and start practising from now. 

3. Start looking for scholarships now. The more niche the better. 

4. The application process is expensive. Make a shortlist of five places you really want to go to. Save up the application fees (there around $100 each). 

5. Goes without saying but READ! 

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Ar Jama - 1 week ago

I looked at this briefly when I was in school. From what I can remember, the big issue is money. Essentially, the US has soooo many universities that getting admitted isn't necessarily the most challenging thing. The most challenging thing seems to be money. It's bloody expensive. Here are some suggestions for the money problem if you REALLY want to go to US but can't afford to:

1. Do uni at home (UK), then go and do a PhD in the US. You get paid to do a PhD. It's my understanding it's not enough to cover all costs but it's a LOT cheaper than an undergraduate degree. 

2. Look for scholarships by unis you're applying to and by organisations in the UK. I imagine most scholarships in the US will be exclusively for home students.

3. Apply to public universities. They're a bit cheaper. 

In terms of what SATs are. They're a standardised test A LOT of universities in the US use. It tests your reading, writing, and maths skills. When you've sat it, you get a score. That score tells the university how well you did compared to everyone else who sat the same paper. 

GPAs stand for grade point average. It's a measure of how well you did at school. We use letters. They use GPAs which takes an average of everything. 

A lot of universities will also need you to write an essay. 

In short: You'll need at least 1) five GCSEs and 2) two/three A Levels 3) SATs 4) an essay 5) some lacag (money)

LA sounds lush. I hope you get to realise your dream. Doing dua for you. 

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