How do I get into cybersecurity?

Asked by anon (Male, 16, United Kingdom) - 3 months ago

I am in sixth form currently and I am trying to find a pathway to get me into the cybersecurity business. What advice would you give me? Do I need to go to university?

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Muna Ali - 3 months ago

In addition to the below answers, whichever route you take, I'd like to add that you can start to build your knowledge of basic computing now with courses that you can find on YouTube for free. Courses like the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA N+ teach you the fundamentals of computing and will build your foundation! 

This a quick rundown of different cyber security roles so you can look into them further

Good luck!

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Mohamed Abdisalam - 3 months ago

Hey, a friend of mine is in cybersecurity. He didn't attend uni but got his current role via an apprenticeship so uni isn't a must. I'd encourage you to read around the subject and familiarise yourself with the role, that could be done via online courses. Also, have a look at Linkedin to see the path others in cybersecurity have taken and the skills they have developed. You may even connect with somebody who can provide you with deeper insight. 

I would encourage you to have a look at civil service apprenticeships (other ones too), there is a cybersecurity track which is the route he took. Keep at it, it's a growing field where there isn't much diversity so you'd be a great asset for many teams!

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