How did you learn to sew/dress make?

Asked by Anonymous - 3 months ago

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Hibaq Farah - 2 months ago

Hey! So, I did GCSE Textiles back in school and as part of our final project we had to produce a garment; from designing, pattern cutting, sewing - all of that. I was a pretty ambitious 16 year old lol and for some reason, I decided to design a very complicated dress. It was inspired by Japanese street/ harajuku fashion. I had a little corset action going, worked with eyelets, lots of tulle AND decided to print my own pattern lmao. Needless to say, this meant I had to work on my dress outside of class hours and so I spent breaks, lunches and after school with my Textiles teacher, who ended up teaching me how to work with all these different fabrics, tools and machines. It was like a crash course into dressmaking!

Few years later, during uni, I got back into sewing, taught myself how to work with more complicated fabrics (with the help of my mum!) and realised it was a really good stress reliever for me. Temporarily disconnecting with everything/ everyone around me and pattern cutting for hours, (although a bit tedious RIP to my back) can feel really peaceful. Needed this more than ever during lockdown.

If you want to learn: Youtube, Youtube and Youtube. It truly is the best resource ever. Check out withwendy, emmy legra and fashion wizardry! You could probably learn how to sew in a few weeks. Pick up a straightforward machine, I use the Singer-Promise and start practicing on old pieces of clothes. Try to cut out the seams and then put it back together, or you could buy dressmaking patterns to get you started.

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