How did you get your very first client and what advice do you have on getting clients now?

Asked by Omar Ali - 2 months ago

1 Answer

Hanacodes👩🏽‍💻 - 2 months ago

Believe it or not I did an elevator pitch to someone who asked me what I do while I was on site working my developement role & they asked if I commissioned work on the side, I blagged it and said yes, showed a few of my projects that I've done in my own time and we signed a contract end of the week. This gave me the motivation to speak to people, you never know how many people have ideas but don't know how to excute it.I've gotten clients while on holiday, a lot throughout quarantine, mostly through others - always providing good customer service, being nice & open has allowed me referrals which Alhamduillah keeps me in business. 

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