How did you get into political comms doing biomed at uni

Asked by anon (Male, 22, Algeria) - 3 months ago

1 Answer

Bashir Ibrahim - 3 months ago

I have always had a keen interest in Politics. Outside of my studies at University, I was involved in the political affairs of wider student body and I also joined the Labour Party whilst at University. My first Political Communications role came after University and that was not my first job out of University and had worked in Public Affairs before then. 


My first Political Communications role came following my attendance at the launch of a political campaign and after the event had finished, I began networking with some staff and from there, I was asked to send in a CV, which resulted in an interview and subsequently a job offer. I can honestly say I did not attend that event in search of a job – I was just interested in the campaign and keen to find out more. But the lessons from this are – to seize any opportunities that present themselves and you have to be active and present at things related to the sector you want to get into for opportunities will rarely come in search of you.

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