How can you stay on top of somali news if you don't speak somali?

Asked by anon (Male, 22, Algeria) - 1 month ago

1 Answer

Ayan Aden :) - 1 month ago

Its very tricky wallahi, but i would advice you keep persistant. I'm still struggling but form connections with an array of people with opposing political stances. That way you are able to view all sides and come to your own conclusions- its what i do. 

Also some websites have english versions that you could read on, twitter is also another place but be very careful to not get swayed into opinions. Take the facts and form your own. 

That being said, watch my space as i am posting on medium and twitter on somali poltics. I try to assess all arguments and keep it factual so those not acquainted with somali poltics can form their own opinions. 

Check out:

my twitter @ayanmoaden

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