How can i study medicine if i have I am not doing any sciences in my final year of High School.

Asked by Anonymous - 3 weeks ago

I am considering going into a pre med course at university in Sydney Australia. However, the last time i did any type of science was in year 10, 2 years ago! Generally speaking, i enjoy humanities more than the sciences. Despite this, i feel that a courier in STEM will be more suitable for my future ambitions. What would you advise. Jazakallah Khair. May Allah reward you abundantly.

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Samira Hassan - 3 weeks ago

Ameen. Jazakallah khair for your dua

Im not sure what the process is in Australia but in the UK, many medical schools will accept students who have done non-science subjects at A-level, or equivalent, as long as your grades demonstrate high educational attainment (basically As and A*)

In that case, students apply to medical degree that includes a Foundation year (to catch up with basic sciences) so a total of 6 years in medical school (unless you also take an extra yr for an intercalated degree). 

I would strongly encourage you to write directly to Admissions office of the medical schools you wish to apply to, detailing your current qualifications. Sometimes they may accept those with non-conventional qualifications as long as they can satisfy themselves that you have the aptitude to successfully undertake a medical school training and a career in medicine. They may require extra qualifications etc so it would be best to tailor your preparation for applications inshallah  


May Allah swt ease your path and place barakah in all you do

Best wishes


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