Have there been any medical breakthroughs in treatment for covid for older people?

Asked by Anonymous - 3 weeks ago

Both of my parents are in the high-risk age group (65+) and my dad has diabetes on top of that. I've basically spent the last 3 months completely isolating but the government is announcing a relaxation of lockdown which means even really vulnerable people like my parents are allowed outside. Obviously the virus is still circulating as it was before but I was just wondering if you thought there had been any improvements in the way doctors are able to treat older patients since March?

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Samira Hassan - 2 weeks ago

I can understand your concerns and it is one shared by many. There have been no major breakthroughs in the treatment of covid as yet unfortunately. There is no cure / vaccine as of yet. Thankfully the numbers of deaths and cases are reducing but I suspect it is mainly due to extra public vigilance and lockdown measures. 

Our hospitals have the capacity thankfully to take in more sick patients, ITU facilities and PPE now but that does not guarantee a cure or that the disease will not be severe in some patients. The risk for older pts, those with multiple comorbidities and BAME risks are still there. So my advice would be to take the lockdown easing rules with a pinch of salt. Prevention is the best protection - wearing face masks when out, washing hands, use of gloves and avoiding crowds is their best protection for the foreseeable future. 


Hope this helps

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