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Asked by Anonymous - 2 months ago

Salaam Dr. Samira, I’m not asking you a question but would like to briefly highlight an idea that I see it’s little worth to share. So, The world is struggling with this pandemic virus, our Somali community are not taking this seriously and they need educational awareness. My concerns are we need to get doctors in our next generation who can saves life. You see in our community there’s only 2% doctors. It’s very rare to see Somali students in the universities who are in Medical field. When you ask them why not medical field they will said that is hard and challenging .How can we change that idea? I live in the United States and my hope and the possibility of seeing Somali doctors is this generation is zero. We don’t even consider what specialization are you good at it but we look for easy courses. I can completely understand there’s little racism is westerners when you’re going for important fields like being a doctor but still we can overcome those obstacles .

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Samira Hassan - 2 months ago

Walykumu salaam. 

thank you for your comment and highlighting this key issue. We certainly do need many more somali doctors to diversify the workforce to reflect the communities they serve. To advocate for the specific health needs of the Somali community and bridge the gap between current healthcare services and these needs. More importantly to improve health literacy and general health outcomes for Somalis. 

When I started out in my medical studies a decade ago, I haven't met any somali medics at the time. There has been a massive rise in numbers of somali doctors and medical students atleast in the UK. As part of our organisation (British Somali Medical Association) there are over 250 members and the numbers are growing. Many of whom are medical students and inshallah the workforce will see a higher number of somali drs in the years to come. I know that Medicine is one of the most popular career choices for somali students in the UK and the bottleneck is often medical school entry which is fiercely competitive 

im not sure about the stats in the US but I know a few Somali physicians and surgeons in the States and there is even Somali Medical Association of America (SMAA) based in Minnesota, Somali Health board in Seattle. I suppose there is a sizeable number of Somali drs in the States that are more spread out. Maybe worth reaching out to the above organisations to work on improving access to medicine for the local somali communities 

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