Do you think it's safe for my mum to go back to work in the hospital?

Asked by anon (Male, 22, Algeria) - 6 months ago

Salam alaykum sister, Jzk for doing this Q&A session. My question is about whether you think it is safe for my mum to go back to work. She works as a nurse at a hospital but she is nearly 60 years old. 3 weeks ago she got very ill and although she is better now she says she still feels quite weak. We had to take her to A&E twice and they said it was probably corona but they did not test her so we don't know if she is immune to it. Even if she did have corona it seems like that does not guarantee immunity. I am worried for her because her manager is asking her to return to work as soon as possible. And the situation with PPE is also very worrying What would you advise?

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Samira Hassan - 6 months ago

Walykumu salaam sis


I understand your concerns as this is a real worry for many in the NHS. I cannot tell you how safe it is for her to return but we all know there is some level of risk of exposure to this virus whilst working in hospital. 

They have recently rolled out NHs staff testing at dedicated drive through sites. So your mother's employer should have put her forward for this. Ask about that. Again you're right, noone is certain of immunity post covid infection but they theorise that this reduces your chance of severe infection reoccurring atleast for some period of time. 

if you feel your mom is at risk because of her age and any underlying health conditions, encourage her to speak to her manager about these risks as individual risk assessments can be done that may result in change of duties or advise to stay at home. 

my advice to you is to not ignore your gut instincts. Speak to work managers about these risks and look after your health and your moms health first and foremost. 

all the best inshallah 

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