Do you think it's important to split roles in the household between husband, wife and children?

Asked by Anonymous - 1 week ago

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Baar Hersi - 1 week ago

If by split the roles you mean sharing the load, then YES,  it's important to split the roles in the household between the husband, wife and children. 

Each person must contribute to the running of the household especially as the children get older. 


For as long as I can remember my children have had chores, this is a great way to teach children about rights and responsibilities. We have regular family meetings, this enables our children to negotiate their chores and for us as parents to share our expectations and discuss issues which impact us a family. 


Taking care of a family is similar to running an organisation, each member has a role to play to help the family unit thrive. The spouses must do their part to meet the needs of each other and their children by being supportive of everyone’s dreams and doing what it takes to help achieve those dreams. 

So it is vital that the parents or carers model this for their children because we know that kids learn by imitating their parents. 

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