Do you have any advice about organising meal plans for Ramadan?

Asked by Anonymous - 3 months ago

Ramadan Mubarak sister. What is your advice for creating a family meal plan for Ramadan? This year we are all together in lockdown and I want to make meal preparation as stress-free as possible and iftar more enjoyable. Jzk

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Dua Aldasouqi - 3 months ago


Ramadan Mubarak to you! I pray it is a month of worship and reward. I highly highly recommend creating a meal plan. This helps in a couple of avenues: (1) It gets stressful having to make food decisions daily, and (2) It limits the amount of times you have to go shopping. 

When creating a meal, I recommend focusing on a vegetable, a protein (red meat, chicken, fish, lentils, beans, etc), and a starch (potatoes, rice, pasta, beans, lentils, etc.). This allows for the creation of a balanced meal. Ideally, it's helpful to aim for 1/2 of your plate vegetable, 1/4 protein, and 1/4 starch. Don't let this be a source of stress but just a very gentle guideline. It's a tool, not a rule as one of my colleagues says. 

Then, factor in what matters to you. For example, how many times a week you eat red meat, chicken, fish, vegetarian, etc. Consider how many times you want to have rice, pasta, potatoes, etc. Also, what are your vegetable options. Sometimes it's easier to incorporate veggies into your meals, others you need them on the side. If they're on the side is it a salad or warm veggies?

I would create two weeks at a time, as a month becomes very tedious and can be overwhelming. Try to make meals that you can eat two to three times or use for suhoor. 

I hope this helps! 


Dua Aldasouqi, MA ,RDN


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